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Cask & Keg Beers & Ciders

Cask & Keg in the cellar - February 15th 2017      
Core Beers, Ciders and Keg
Totnes Brewing Co. Beers
TTBCABV1/3 Pint1/2 pintpint
Tropango (keg)51.352.14
Captain Simcoe5.
Core Lager/Stout/keg Beer
BreweryBeerABV1/3 Pint1/2 pintpint
BeavertownGamma Ray5.41.52.805.5
St AustellKorev4.81.323.9
St AustellMena Dhu (stout)
Cider MakerCiderABV1/3 Pint1/2 pintpint
Sandford (Devon)Devon Mist - - medium4.51.323.8
Ashridge (Devon)Original - dry61.623.8
GUEST: WestonsRosies Pig4.81.352.14
GUEST: WestonsWyld Wood Organic61.42.154.2
Guest: Thistly CrossWhiskey Cask Aged6.
Guest: Dorset Nectar CiderTop O The HillTBC1.52.34.5
GUEST: Thistly CrossJaggy Thistle (dry/matured)7.51.623.9
GUEST: Thistly CrossOriginal - medium dry6.21.42.14
Tiny RebelBeat Box4.5
Black SheepPathmaker4
Bristol Beer FactoryNova3.8
Dark StarHop Head3.8
Great YorkshireBlackout5
Gun BreweryScaramanga Extra Pale3.9
Oakham Citra4.2
Bath AlesGem4.1
Great YorkshireClassic4
Magic RockHypnotist6.8
CloudwaterIPL Simcoe Comet6.2
Tiny RebelHadouken7.4
ThornbridgeHalcyon IPA7.4
MatuskaGolden Rocket7
FoundersAll Day IPA4.7
ArborBoomtown Brown5.3
Wild Beer Co.BrettBrett Double IPA8.4
BeavertownNeck Oil4.3
BeavertownSmog Rocket4.3
Wild Beer Co.Smoke N Barrel Autumn6

Bottles and Cans

Pale Ale    
BreweryBeer (v)ABV%Bar PriceTakeout
BeavertownGamma Ray (APA) (V)
BrewdogDead Pony3.84.22.2
EinstockIcelandic Pale Ale5.64.82.6
FireStoneDBA (double barrel aged)55.42.85
Magic RockHigh Wire Grapefruit5.54.32.4
Magic RockHigh Wire
Marble BreweryBuilt to Fall (APA)5.663.2
Moonchild BrewingBird of Paradise4.84.82.6
Samuel SmithOrganic Pale Ale53.92.1
Tiny RebelFubar4.44.72.5
Tiny RebelCali APA5.65.22.7
To OlTotem Pale - Gluten Free2.24.62.4
VocationPride & Joy5.34.22.3
VerdantHeadband Pale Ale5.55.12.65
VerdantLightbulb Extra Pale Ale4.54.552.35
VerdantRoy, I want a Hilux (orange juice pale)
Wild Beer CoFresh5.54.42.3
Wild Beer CoPogo4.14.32.25
BreweryBeer (v)ABV%Bar PriceTakehome
BeavetownNeck Oil4.34.12.1
Beer Cat & Magic RockLa Segadora (farmhouse style)75.12.65
BrewdogPunk IPA5.64.52.35
BoulevardSingle Wild IPA (355ml)
Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.Grapefruit IPA4.54.94.6
Evil TwinMolotov Lite Imperial IPA8.58.86.1
FoundersAll day IPA4.74.52.5
Magic RockInhaler IPA4.54.42.3
Magic RockCannonball7.45.32.8
Magic RockHypnotist (500ml)
Marble BreweryLagonda56.63.4
SirenHillbilly Wine (imperial IPA)911.45.95
SirenRyesing Tides76.13.2
SirenPompelmocello - tart sout Grapefruit IPA67.353.85
Stone Berlin Go To IPA4.74.652.45
Stone Berlin Cali - Belgique IPA6.95.32.8
Stone Berlin Ruination IPA8.57.553.95
Tiny RebelOne Inch Punch3.94.72.5
The White Hag BreweryTuireann Ban White IPA6.24.92.6
VocationLife & Death6.54.52.5
VocationSmash & Grab Imperial IPA8.56.753.5
VocationHeart & Soul4.442.2
Wild Beer Co.Madness IPA6.84.92.6
Wiper & TrueIPA Quintet "17"6.463.1
Craft Lager
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakehome
BernardGluten Free Lager (500ml)
Barnabys Brewhouse - New/LocalPilsner - organic/Vegan4.83.61.9
Barnabys BrewhouseRed Helles- Organic/vegan4.83.61.9
Barnabys BrewhouseDark Dunkel - Organic/Vegan4.83.61.9
BrewdogThis is Lager4.742.2
GaffelK0lsch (lager conditioned ale)4.84.352.35
MikkellerAmerican Dream Gluten Free4.68.34.3
The White Hag BreweryDanu Kolsch Style ale4.64.32.3
ThornbridgeLukas Helles Lager4.24.12.15
VocationNo Comply4.84.22.2
VocationDirty Pilsner6.55.12.7
WeinhenstephFestbier (500ml)tbc4.52.5
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakehome
AchouffeLa Chouffe86.73.5
Barrel Aged Old Style
Marble BreweryBarrel aged Old style8.98.24.3
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakehome
Magic RockRapture (Red)4.642.2
RascalsBig Hop Red55.52.9
Brewdog5AM Red Ale54.652.45
Tiny RebelCwtch4.64.72.45
Rye Beer
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakehome
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakeaway
Oud BeersalGueuze6126.3
Sour Beer
Wild Beer Co & 8 Wire Collab.Black & Blue584.15
ThornbridgeLove Among The Ruins (375ml) - Sour/lambic723.912.5
Belgian/Belgian Style
To OlTripel Trouble (Belgian Style)76.83.5
AchouffeLa Chouffe86.73.5
Wild Beer Co. Witness5.85.63.15
Stouts & Porters
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakehome
BrewdogBlack Eyed King Imp - Small batch/worlds strongest canned ale12.72010.55
BeavertownSmog Rocket (V)
CoopersBest Extra Stout6.34.652.45
Dark StarImperial Stout Oak Aged10.59.24.8
EinstockIcelandic Toasted Porter65.22.7
Evil TwinLil'B Imperial Porter11.510.95.7
FullersBlack Cab Stout4.54.52.4
Gun BreweryParabellum Milk Stout4.14.72.5
Great YorkshireBlackout (500ml)53.72
Magic RockDark Arts64.12.15
Magic RockCommon Grounds (triple coffee porter)
Marble BreweryPortent Of Usher Imperial98.24.3
MoonchildGypsy Queen Baltic Porter6.46.83.7
MauiCoconut Porter68.14.2
Samuel SmithOrganic Chocolate Stout53.92.1
Samuel SmithImperial Stout74.52.4
SirenBroken Dream Extra Shot6.55.252.7
Tiny RebelDirty Stop Out54.92.6
VocationDivide & Conquer6.44.52.35
VocationNaughty & Nice (imperial stout)
VocationCloak & Dagger (oatmeal stout)5.94.852.5
VocationOak and Dagger (whiskey cask aged)
VocationNaughty & Nice7.55.12.7
Wiper and TrueStout Milk Shake "29"
Amigos Britanico Style beer - American Wild Ale
Siren/Beavertown collab.Ami Britanicos (Chili & Honey)7.484.15
GOSE style (top fermented/tart/herbal/salty in characteristic)
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakeaway
Magic RockSalty Kiss4.13.92.1
Abby Beer
MaradousTriple Abby107.53.9
BosteelsKarmeliet Tripel8.46.73.5
Trappiste de RochefortRochefort 67.563.1
BoulevardTank Seven (Farmhouse style)
Eight WiredSaison53
NEW: Collaboration/limited edition
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakeaway
Wild Beer Co & 8 Wired Rainbow ProjectBlack n Blue584.15
Alcohol Free Beer
BreweryBeerABV%Bar priceTakehome
BernardFree (330ml)0.0521.5
BernardFree Amber (500ml)
FurstenbergFrie Free Low alcohol lager0.052.61.4
MaiselsWiessbier A/F0.0532
VeltinsAlcohol Free Pilsner02.21.2
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakehome
EinstockIcelandic White Ale5.34.82.5
MaiselsWeissbier original (500ml)
MaiselsWeissbier Dunkel5.25.152.7
PrimatorWeizenbier (500ml)
WeinhenstephHefe Wiessbier Dunkel (500ml)
WeinhenstephVitus Weisenbock Bier (500ml)7.773.6
WeinhenstephKristall Weiss (500ml)
Local Beers
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakehome
New Devon BrewingNew Devon Ale4.54.32.25
The New Lion BreweryVarious4.52.5
The New Lion BreweryMain Event4.52.5
Salcombe BreweryVarious4.52.5
Fruit Beers
BreweryBeerABV%Bar PriceTakehome
LeifmansFruitesse (classic Belgian fruit beer)3.84.452.3
Samuel SmithOrganic Raspberry (335ml)
Samuel SmithOrganic Strawberry5.14.32.4
Samuel SmithOrganic Cherry5.14.32.49
BreweryBeerABV%Bar priceTakehome
Westons Caple Road origonal5.23.42.2
Westons Caple Road Blend No 5 Dry53.32
Thistly CrossTraditional4.442.2
Thistly CrossGinger Cider44.22.2
SheppysRaspberry Cider44.42.3
Gift/Celebration beers
Burning SkyMonolith (750ml) - Sour/wild/barrel aged/black ale823.912.5
Cloudwater Brew Co.Saison (750ml)612.57
Oud BeersalGueuze (330ml) - Lambic style6126.3
ThornbridgeLove Among The Ruins (375ml) - Sour/lambic723.912.5
ThornbridgeSerpent (750ml) - Sour/wild9.53215
Wild Beer Co.Gazillionaire (750ml) - Amber ale4.7157.5
Wild Beer Co.Shnoodlepip (750ml) - red wine barrel aged saison6.527.914.6
Wild Beer Co.Ninkasi (750ml) - Belgian style saison916.28.5